Franchising helps many achieve their dreams of business ownership What is Franchising?  

The concept of franchising has been evolving for hundreds of years. From the first tweaks to the feudal system, to Isaac Singer licensing others to sell his newfangled sewing machines, to a milkshake mixer salesman who convinced the McDonald brothers to duplicate their successful hamburger stand nationwide.

Today, a new franchise opens every 8 minutes of every business day and drives over 40% of all retail business. Annually, franchising accounts for over $800 billion in sales, and employs over 8 million people. Franchise businesses are a popular option for many reasons,  not least of all a 5 year success rate of over 95%.  Plus, franchises are good for the economy, creating over 170,000 new jobs per year.

Who Invests in Business Franchise Opportunities?

 Not all, but the majority of franchise business buyers today are success-oriented, educated, family-minded, corporate people. As corporations switched their focus from employees to stockholders, they realized how expensive their senior level employees had become. And so they began down-sizing their mid and upper level managers to save money and improve investor stakes in their companies.

People climbing up the corporate ladder frequently find a ceiling installed halfway up. These displaced but outstanding professionals are now becoming a driving force behind franchising. By redirecting their skills and experience into local businesses in their own communities, they can control and define their own career and financial trajectory.

The Typical Franchise Buyer  A 25 year study conducted by the International Franchise Association came up with a profile of the “Typical Franchise Buyer.” Business buyers that seek franchise opportunities come from all walks of life, educational and economic backgrounds, and professions, but some of the more typical characteristics are:

  • Between 35 and 55 years old
  • Corporate Management Background
  • Income Avg. $60 to 150K
  • Net Worth of $250 to $600K
  • Majority Have IRA/401K Retirement Plans
  • Men, Couples, Women (in that order – but interestingly, women enjoy a slightly higher rate of franchise success than men)
  • Most Have Not Owned a Business Before
  • Want to Build a Business That Will Allow Them To Retire
  • Looking For On-going Marketing, Training and Support

A new, growing demographic in franchise ownership is military veterans, and many people from the trades are also entering the fold, as once good-paying jobs become increasingly limited by economic downturns and outsourcing. Whoever you are and whatever your reasons, if you’ve decided to take charge of your own future, Brickyard Automotive is as determined to roll up those sleeves and get to work as you are. Veterans: we have special discount incentives just for you!

Brickyard Is Ready To Help You Achieve Your Dream

We are a young and growing enterprise that offers its pioneer franchisees unbeatable value and flexibility seldom seen in this desirable industry segment. Automotive repair is an essentially recession-proof industry. It also offers something many other franchises do not: reasonable business hours. The Brickyard Automotive Franchise system has a fresh, updated approach to management, service, and integrated marketing. We’ve put together a streamlined, customer-centered business system that maximizes profit while providing exceptional value to the customer. We aim for a steady stream of new customers that turn into repeat business and referrals.

Franchisees coming aboard during our expansion phase enjoy exceptional promotional advantages that will not be available in later contracts. Contact one of our area development specialists and let’s talk about your goals and what Brickyard offers and see if there might be a good fit. We look forward to hearing from you!  1.844.298.7267   email

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